I'm a private capital markets expert and an AFA. For clients who have long-term high-return investment goals then alternative assets can be a superb option. I offer advice on this part of an investment portfolio and options within it.

Alternative assets include private equity funds, venture capital, search funds, angel investing, hedge funds and real estate. I offer advice on all but the last two and have a particular interest in assisting talented young New Zealanders create search funds.

UBS research shows that 27% of an average family portfolio is made up of private equity funds, other private equity and direct investment. Likewise, David Swenson created the Yale or Endowment Model which is alternative asset heavy in order to achieve higher returns at the expense of liquidity.

This investment strategy arguably only suits investors who have long term goals and do not need to have liquidity for period of a decade or two. Which is why I do not provide this advice to retail clients only wholesale investors or other AFAs.

Working as a mid-market M&A adviser gives me exposure to the typical alternative asset investment which probably accounts for why I am confident in this space compared to most NZ financial advisers and CIOs.

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