September 25, 2019

Tax Reform including Capital Gains Tax with John Shewan

25 September 2019 My guest for this show is John Shewan—former chair of PWC, and serving Adjunct Professor of Victoria University and independent director. In this episode we discuss: Why the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) 2019 recommendation failed Lessons from tax reform through the decades including: –the rebellion against Muldoon’s tax rates, –wide support and … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
September 13, 2019

Long-Term Private Equity with Ian Frame

13th September 2019 My guest for this show is Ian Frame, retired CEO of Rangatira Investments, a long-term private equity firm. In this episode we discuss what is a private equity firm, what’s their fees, investors and strategy the difference between classic private equity (PE) firms and long-term PE firms what sort of investments they’re … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
September 12, 2019

A Private Capital Markets view on the Capital Markets 2029 Report

To remarkably little coverage (or PR fanfare) the New Zealand “Capital Markets 2029” report came out on 10 September 2019. Kris Faafoi, the Commerce Minister, seemed to kick it for touch (NBR interview) which means it will now wait a National government I guess, or perhaps he is waiting on MBIE to digest the 101 … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
August 27, 2019

Entrepreneurship & Early Venture Capital in NZ with Richard Higham

27th August 2019 My guest for this show is Richard Higham. Richard is one of the top business academic practitioners in New Zealand history. He has not only experienced but researched and studied entrepreneurship. He has run his own firm, consulted to corporates about entrepreneurship, and saw the start of venture capital in NZ before … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
August 15, 2019

Search Funds in Australasia with Alexander Simmons

15th August 2019 My guest for this show is Alexander Simmons. Alex is the founder of Voyager Equity a search fund. Search funds are completely new to New Zealand with no fund yet launched but with some interest from Kiwi searchers overseas. In Australia they have gained traction in the last couple of years with … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
August 9, 2019

M&A and Business Sale Legal Process with David Quigg

9th August 2019 My guest for this show is David Quigg. David is the head of Mergers & Acquisitions at Quigg Partners a boutique Wellington law firm specialising in M&A and a few other specialist areas. In this show we’ll discuss M&A from a lawyer’s perspective including: publically listed company M&A process and the differences … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
August 4, 2019

NZ Public Capital Markets with Sir Eion Edgar

4th August 2019 My guest for this show is Sir Eion Edgar KNZM. Sir Eion recently retired as Chairman of Forsyth Barr, a firm he was with for almost 50 years with the last 20 as Chairman. There are few people who know more about the New Zealand public capital markets. In this show we … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
August 1, 2019

Curious Kiwi Capitalist Podcast Introduction

Episode 0. Introduction to the Curious Kiwi Capitalist Podcast 1st August 2019 The Curious Kiwi Capitalist podcast is about the New Zealand capital markets and the people in them including: asset allocation and portfolios private business capital structure business valuation M&A process behavioural finance capital allocators private equity venture capital alternative investments investment strategies and … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
July 8, 2019

Personal Financial Planning for the Business Owner

When you are preparing to sell a business through an exit planning process you consider “three legs of a three-legged stool” (Chris Snider). The first leg is the business itself (partly outlined in my article Business Sale Ready), the next leg is your personal life-after-sale readiness (a future article), and the last leg is your … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
July 1, 2019

Business Sale Ready? Closing the Valuation Gap with Industry Peers

In my article How to Maximise your Business Value through Exit Planning I discussed closing the gap between your current business value and other higher-valued businesses in the industry. Where can you make your business more valuable compared with other NZ and Australian businesses, what are the improvements to close the valuation gap? As you … Read More

by Bruce McGechan