September 15, 2020

How to avoid Business Owners Seller’s Remorse and an Unhappy Retirement

Being a business owner can be all-consuming with no time to think about life-after-business. And yet, when you exit the business you find those 60 hours weeks are now left with…what exactly? Those highs and lows you get from the business are replaced with golf and… It’s said that people retire and go through the … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
July 8, 2019

Personal Financial Planning for the Business Owner

When you are preparing to sell a business through an exit planning process you consider “three legs of a three-legged stool” (Chris Snider). The first leg is the business itself (partly outlined in my article Business Sale Ready), the next leg is your personal life-after-sale readiness (a future article), and the last leg is your … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
July 1, 2019

Business Sale Ready? Closing the Valuation Gap with Industry Peers

In my article How to Maximise your Business Value through Exit Planning I discussed closing the gap between your current business value and other higher-valued businesses in the industry. Where can you make your business more valuable compared with other NZ and Australian businesses, what are the improvements to close the valuation gap? As you … Read More

by Bruce McGechan
June 26, 2019

How to Maximise your Business Value through Exit Planning

Exit Planning is the processĀ of: 1) maximising the value of your business 2) ensuring you’re financially (and personally) prepared post business sale 3) ensuring you’re prepared for retirement*1 Put simply, the aim is to ensure you and your family have “personal financial freedom and peace of mind”*2. In this article, I’ll look at maximising the … Read More

by Bruce McGechan