I assist business owners:
- sell 100% of their mature businesses
- raise equity for fast growth businesses.

The generic term for what I do is "Financial Intermediary". An intermediary introduces business owners to capital investors. The introduction provides investors with all the information they need to know to make an investment decision. On the other side of a deal, I assist with structuring the transaction.

Perhaps also consider whether you should be considering an Exit Strategy rather than going straight to the market. An Exit Strategy helps ensure you achieve your retirement financial goals, minimise tax and maximise business value. It is a more comprehensive process than a capital transaction and offers financial AFA advice along with transaction M&A advice.

Fees include up-front advisory fees, retainer fees and/or transaction fees.

Selling a Business

I assist business owners sell their business.

Often business owners are sceptical about whether there are New Zealand buyers who can afford their business. They look to me and Mandanex Capital's Sydney head office to also target Australian buyers. We often find that Australian buyers will pay better multiples—or at least add valuation competition into the sale process. We may also work with Mandanex Asian offices or partners in Europe and the US depending on the business.

In New Zealand, an agent who sells a business requires a REA license because it is seen as a "transaction" from "agency work". This is why many financial professionals are unable to assist (see the relevant law).

See my article on the mid-market sale process on how we sell a business including what it is different from selling a small or corporate business.

Mandanex Capital charges an advisory fee and a transaction fee dependent on transaction size.

Raising Equity

I assist business owners raise equity for their fast growth businesses. Businesses should be looking to raise at least $2 million, have revenue growing at least 50% over the last few years and, ideally, are profitable.

I source funds in New Zealand but, again, find that Australian investors have a greater depth of capital that can be invested in New Zealand companies. We also consider Asian, US and European investors where that makes sense.

Mandanex Capital charges an advisory fee and a transaction fee dependent on transaction size. Please note that start-ups with little or no revenue are best to contact Angel Investors.