Bruce McGechan
Sell a Business
I sell businesses with annual revenue of $500,000 to $50 million. I analyse and appraise value, prepare sales documents, conduct buyer identification, carry out negotiation, prepare sales agreements.

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Value a Business
I provide business value appraisal reports for business sales, mergers, acquisitions, and internal shareholder negotiations.

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Raise Investment
I assist shareholders raise equity for mature, early growth and start up companies. This includes selling existing shares or raising new equity.

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Acquisition Advice
I can help identify purchase opportunities, contact potential targets, analyse and appraise value, carry out negotiation ("buyer's agent"), and prepare sales agreements.

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New GM or Employee Gradual Sale
I assist companies set up employee share programme (ESP), or find a new owner then exit over time. This is a gradual sales process to people working in the business whether that is a new GM or existing senior staff.

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Finance Consulting
I provide advice on how to finance business plans whether that be debt or capital fund raising.

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As a licensed business broker and advisor, I advise small and medium sized business owners on how to build or realise their wealth. I work with the Nexus International Group including Nexus Business Sales (New Zealand) and Mandanex Capital (Australia/New Zealand).

Boutique Professional Services Firm

Nexus Business Sales is not the largest, nor the oldest of the national broker firms. Rather, we are the youngest NZ firm (started in 2013 in NZ), the fastest growing (10 offices in four countries) and the most professional (e.g. we use 7 valuation methods in our business appraisals).

We are certainly the most agile. For example, we saw that mid market companies needed a different type of service so we started a Mandanex Capital. We saw that many clients wanted us to contact Australian buyers, so we set up in Australia. We knew that large amounts of Asian investment capital are available (mid market) so we extended our reach into Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Tokyo by appointing representatives.

We are more a professional services firm rather than a traditional brokerage. Indeed the managing director, Richard Hemingway, is a Chartered Accountant with 30 years of CFO experience and is only one of two AIBB Registered Business Valuers in NZ.


Confidentiality is a critical part of our service. This is because once a company is known to be on the market managers become uneasy about future owner and may leave, customers start checking out the competition, suppliers start to tighten up credit or look for other distribution options. Any of these things could result in an earnings collapse, earnings being a key part of business value negotiations.

Buyer Qualification

Your business is important to you, not just as an investment but also all the friends you’ve made over the years you’ve built the company. Your customers, suppliers and last, but not least, your employees. It’s important to you that you don’t leave them in the lurch with a buyer who damages your employees’ livelihoods, disrupts your customers and annoys your suppliers.

Nor do you want your competitors seeing your business plan, financial position and customer list—unless they are truly serious buyers.

This is a key part of our role as business brokers, establishing how serious the buyer is and researching whether they have the resources to complete the deal.