Often the best buyer of a business are the employees or a buyer who has served as General Manager for many months. They know the business well, the shares can be sold over a period of time (possibly years) and the owner can remain involved if only as a non executive director.

There are two types of service:
– Employee Share Programmes
– Executive Search and Gradual Sale

Employee Share Programmes

I assist the owner and employees understand the process of a gradual sales programme, how equity is valued, the timeline involved through to completion.

Executive Search and Gradual Sale

An alternative to selling to employees or a third party is to sell to a very capable outside CEO over time.

The process is to conduct a type of buyer search crossed with executive search that is focused on finding a highly capable CEOs working in a similar or the same industry who would like to own their own business in that industry.

Just like with an Executive Search, CEOs are approached, interviewed and then a shortlist of candidates is presented to the owner to also interview.

The new CEO works alongside the owner for a trail period of about 6 months. If the both parties remain enthusiastic for the appointment, then a gradual share sale agreement is instituted.

The owner can choose to remain involved in the business, wind down their involvement or become a non executive director. At some stage the new CEO will purchase the company outright.

This ensures the company keeps the experience of the owner but adds new ideas and energy of the new CEO.

We conduct a buyer search like normal but add an interview process onto this (additional fees apply), appraise business value, and the graudal sale agreement.