I assist companies raise investment funds or sell only equity.

Many owners don’t want to sell 100% of their business but sell a portion of their equity or raise new equity capital. Examples include:
– there may be two shareholders and one wishes to retire while the other younger shareholder wishes to remain
– a large shareholder may wish to sell down some of their equity but the other shareholders don’t want to increase their shareholding
– a business may have significant growth opportunities and needs more capital, so a new investor needs to be found with existing shareholders remaining in the business
– an “early stage” business requires significant new investment to assist with their fast growth and scale, this might be Series A or Series B rounds.

The same process as for a Business Sale applies:

  • We understand the business
  • We value the business
  • We advise on the best method of sale
  • We approach buyers
  • We provide information
  • We assist with contractual negotiations
  • We keep in touch

The key difference is we sell equity or shares rather than 100% of the business usually sold as assets.

I will often take on challenging but interesting projects that seem too difficult or risky to other M&A Advisors or Business Brokers.